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Advent Crisis Mediation = Effective Crisis Containment

Bad things can happen even to good companies. Rumor-mongering among distributors. Sensationalism in the media. Negative Blogs. Regulatory intervention. Each is bad, and one often leads to another. Only Advent Communications has 25 years experience fixing crises. A good example of a campaign we orchestrated is Sunrider. For 4 nights of “Sweeps Week,” the biggest TV audience in the Mountain West heard negative, largely false reports about Sunrider on the 6 and 10 o’clock news. Sunrider President Tei Fu Chen says of the campaign, “Advent saved our company.”

Advent Crisis Response
Campaign for Sunrider
"Fans, Not Fanatics!"
"Media Makes Mistake!"
"Media Misinformation"
"Media Misses Records!"
"Nutrition before Medication"
"Quality = Containment!"