Volume 1, Number 1, 2014
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Dr. Khachik and Dr. Jolley on set of new NPUSA Talk Show 



New Logo. New Opportunity.

Known around the world for the pioneering of Carotenoid supplementation and home-based business opportunity, NPUSA is coming to the USA! 

The same company you trust. The same product whose benefits you enjoy. And because this is the first time both the product and opportunity are available in the Americas, the company will be known here as:


     Join the Celebration!

Mission & Vision of NPUSA

NPUSA promotes worldwide wellness through superior nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices.

For more than a decade we have developed and marketed science-based nutritional supplements. 

Thousands of families now enjoy healthier lives and improved lifestyles with NPUSA.

NPUSA products are distributed exclusively through our network of loyal Members. Launching in America in the second quarter of 2014, we invite you, your family, and friends to join us in the important cause and mission of NPUSA!


NPUSA Announces...
Professor Frederick Khachik, Ph.D.,
Appointed NPUSA Science Advisor

Professor Frederick Khachik, Ph.D., is one of the foremost Lutein scientists in the world. His many accomplishments include two patents for the isolation and purification of Lutein from marigold flowers!

Because of his specific competence in an area of research so important to NPUSA - the Lutein in NPUSA Super Lutein is derived from marigolds - he has been retained as Scientific Advisor to the launch of NPUSA in North America.

Dr. Khachik says of his appointment: "I have dedicated decades of my professional life to the study of Carotenoids, and I am convinced that nutritional supplementation through Carotenoids such as Lutein provides the body with some of the best nutritional support available to strengthen the structure and support the healthy function of the body in a number of important, life-sustaining areas. That is the principal reason I am so enthusiastic about my association with NPUSA and the introduction of the company and its products to the USA!"


NPUSA Appoints...
Advent Communications to Produce
Dr. Khachik Carotenoid Video & Talk TV

Advent Communications has consulted to leaders in MLM for more than 25 years, providing a wide range of Marketing Communications services.  That is why NPUSA has appointed Advent Communications to manage Media Relations and a number of other NPUSA Projects.

"We were impressed not only by Advent Communications' skill working with international companies such as Sprint and Nokia," says NPUSA, "but we also knew that Clifton Jolley, Ph.D.-the president of Advent= has a reputation for understanding Asian companies and localizing them for business in America." Advent Communications has worked with Japanese companies such as Nikken, Enagic, and other Asian companies.

"We are honored by the confidence NPUSA has expressed in us," says Dr. Jolley, "and we are challenged and humbled by the responsibility to support the USA launch of so important an international company. For more than a quarter of a century Advent Communications has worked with network marketing companies around the world, including many in the Pacific Rim; but I find the work we are doing with NPUSA to be among the most challenging and satisfying of my career."

Advent Communications' videos won an Iris and have been twice nominated for an Emmy. Dr. Jolley's press releases and essays have appeared in the New York Times, Boston Globe, and hundreds of other prestigious publications. He brings to NPUSA both experience and academic expertise that is appreciated by scientists such as Dr. Frederick Khachik.  Dr. Jolley says of Dr. Khachik, "Working with him on set was exciting. Not only because he is so knowledgeable, but because we were working extemporaneously, without a script! I believe NPUSA Members will not only enjoy watching the program, but they will come away as I did: knowing much more about carotenoids in general and Super Lutein specifically.

"I've found that working with the professionals at NPUSA in Japan has been an equally rich cross-cultural exchange of creativity and insight. That's why I say - with reference to the Lutein in Super Lutein being harvested from marigold flowers - the future of NPUSA is mariGOLDEN!


NPUSA = USA Opportunity!

Although Super Lutein is well known in Japan and throughout the Pacific Rim, until recently few networkers in America knew about the reputation of the company that last year did a quarter of a billion dollars in sales!

It's numbers like those that are getting many, many Americans excited!

What will the story be in the USA?  How will we contribute to so strong a tradition? You won't have to wait long to find out: the prelaunch culminates in the second quarter of 2014 with the launch of NPUSA!

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